Even after the worst storms... the sun will shine again.
The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.
Don’t give others the power to choose for you, trust the truth in your heart to be your guide.
There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.
- C S Lewis

Only one person can change
your life:

Holistic, Mind-Body Counselling & Coaching.

In person & online services

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
How would you feel if you weren’t afraid?
“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement.” – Brené Brown
What’s stopping you?

What Clients Say

“I’ve been working with Catherine for about a year and it has been nothing short of LIFE CHANGING. Catherine’s energy instantly puts you at ease and she makes you feel heard and seen in a way I haven’t experienced with many other people. The 15 years of traditional ‘talk’ therapy I’d done previously was helpful in coping with life’s stresses, but it never seemed to get to the core of the dissatisfaction I was feeling. On paper my life was great, but I found myself longing for something different and more fulfilling. In my first session with Catherine I felt something shift and experienced a release of trapped emotions that had been in my body since childhood. I had experienced this on a smaller scale through meditation (when I could actually calm my mind), but EFT combines the mind and body in a way that I’ve found releases blockages much quicker.
She’s helped me completely change the way I see myself, releasing limiting beliefs about my worth, my needs, my body, my relationships — guiding me on a journey back to the essence of who I am.”  Maureen – Mother, Marketing Executive

“Working with Catherine as my EFT Practitioner was a very warm & awakening experience. I came to her to work on serious nerves during public speaking that I had developed. Catherine create a safe, inviting and curious space to dig deeper into these nerves and the fears that they stemmed from. I was new to EFT Tapping and unsure how it worked. Catherine is extremely confident in this modality, and stepped me through the process with much care. I was amazed with what surfaced during our time, and where the process took us. Even in just one session, I was able to identify some keys fears and how to rewire them and shift them. And in the days and even weeks after our session, these areas continued to break open and free up. I highly recommend Catherine as an alternative health practitioner to help you work at a deep level, and add much richness to your life.”
Jessica Kiely – Mother, Entrepreneur, Author

“Catherine is an incredibly caring and intuitive soul. She brings the essence of understanding and compassion to her work. Her desire to help me break through some limiting beliefs was felt on every level. The changes since working with Catherine were huge. The changes came through subtly and what feels effortless but profound. I have a greater sense of self and have released some fears that were keeping me from being fully expressed. Today I am more grounded, more anchored and feeling blessed. Thank you Catherine for your wisdom and warmth! Can’t wait for the next session!”
Love, Maya

“Catherine helped me when I was raging and reactive toward a work colleague. The tapping session was a surprisingly easy and peaceful process that helped me gain my balance and personal power. Catherine brings great nurturing and wisdom to all she does.”

“My tapping session with Catherine was highly effective in identifying the real issue underlying my initial concern. I found the experience nurturing and comfortable, I was totally supported throughout the process. Thank you Catherine.”
Pete T

“I have never been able to get a good sleep at sleepovers or in a different home. It would take 1 hour to get to sleep then I would wake up at 4am or earlier. I just moved schools and we had a camp coming up. I did some tapping with Catherine – it was a good short session that completely changed my mindset about sleeping and now I am all good, really! It was easy and I reckon it was one of the best things I’ve done. Now when I have a sleepover with a friend, I just do my tapping and I have a good sleep. It’s as simple as that. And tapping not only helps sleep, it can also help almost any of your worries or problems. I highly recommend Catherine for anything to do with your mindset. Sleep is about your mindset I learned.”
Ollie, aged 11

“My treatment with Catherine had a very profound impact on me. I was about to start a new job with a new company and felt anxious regarding my performance in this new role. The time we spent together I was able to explore some thoughts or blocks in my life that had never occurred to me before. At the end of the treatment I felt incredibly powerful but also very lucky to have been guided by Catherine. We were able to identify common pitfalls that had not treated me well in the past. Catherine has an amazingly safe presence and I was able to open up very easily. I continue to thank her to this day on helping reveal my own stumbling blocks in life. My advice is to be open and honest during your session with Catherine and the results will be very profound.”

“Catherine was totally present with me the entire session. She also showed incredible patience and persistence in working with me to gain my trust. The result was that after an hour or so I was able to express my deep sadness that was waiting for a safe time and space to be expressed. I had been having difficulty in openly expressing my grief for my wife who died recently because I was shamed for expressing sadness and fear as a child. Catherine’s gentle persistence helped me to break through this barrier and I cried the tears that had been waiting so long. I am so grateful.”

“As a manager I am constantly dealing with various issues and demands above and beyond business-as-usual that can take their toll mentally and physically. Completing an EFT session with Catherine reaffirmed the importance of taking time out to address these issues, and other underlining personal concerns that can contribute to a sense of loss of control or being overwhelmed in a professional and personal capacity. Being able to do it via video conference allowed it to work within my busy schedule and having Catherine’s expert guidance and warm and personal delivery style allowed for a true realignment in my own headspace. I found overall that this style of therapy and delivery was extremely beneficial and would strongly encourage others to explore this opportunity for personal and professional development through Inner Shine.”